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Riri Hearts Mac in Stores now!

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If you didn’t know, now you know! Rihanna’s summer collaborative collection for Mac is new in SA stores, & it’s selling out like hot cakes (forgive my unapologetic use of flat word play on this fine Sunday morning). With lipsticks priced at just R220 each, it’s no wonder people are falling over themselves while trying to get to a Mac counter. I tried out some of the make up, and I must say, I would have liked the lipstick to allow for a smoother application, however I did love the colour-splash that it gave my lips! Can’t make it to see Rihanna for her Diamonds tour in SA? No worries, mate. You can console yourself with a guilt-free purchase from this new collection.💞

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Beauty and the Beer

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Often thought to solely serve the purpose of quenching your thirst, beer has many other uses and beauty benefits too. Its low alcohol content makes it great for sensitive skin; it has long been used to rehydrate the skin and treat skin conditions, improving acne prone skin. Spas around the world now offer beer baths while regular folk now buy brew to indulge: this sud’s for you! Pour a bottle of beer in the tub the next time you are having a soak.

There is a centuries old wives tale that in order to obtain shiny, touchable hair one need only to wash regularly with beer. The barley and hops in beer contain proteins and vitamins perfect for the development of healthy hair. There are currently many products available infused with beer as the beauty industry joins this latest trend. So, you can run out and grab one of…

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